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CM Catalyst
PE Catalyst
CM catalyst is a kind of PE catalyst developed by BRICI. It is suitable to slurry HDPE process. It can also be used to produce UHWMPE and special PE to produce CPE..

Technology characteristic
1) Good response to hydrogen.
2) Polymer produced has a high bulk density.
3) Good particle shape, narrow particle size distribution.
4) PE has an excellent properties.

Applicable process
CMU catalyst is used to produce VHMWPE in slurry process. CMC catalyst is suitable to produce CPE in slurry process.

Industrial applications
CMU catalyst is widely used in research institutes, the products are mainly FK-250, FK-350, FK-450, FK-550, M-I, M-II, M-III, M-IV etc.
CMC catalyst is mainly used in DFPC, the products are mainly LD0000, LD0010, LD0020, LD0030, LD0040, LD0050, LD0070, LD0110, LT0050, LT0220 etc.

Packaging. Storage and Transport
CM catalyst is packaged under nitrogen blanket in 5000ml glass bottle. It is sealed up for safekeeping with hot wax, and contains 1.5kg catalyst each of bottle. There are four bottles in each paper carton. There are quake-proof matters between bottle and bottle, bottle and carton. In transportation, the catalyst should be handles carefully avoiding bumping, opening of cover or contacting with air. It should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated space out of direct sunlight.