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BCS02 Catalyst
PE Catalyst
BCS02 catalyst is a kind of slurry feeding catalyst for gas-phase polyethylene process, which average particle size is (20-25)µm. It can be used to produce whole density area PE for injection, extrusion and blow purpose.

Technology characteristic
1) High activity ≥6,000gPE/gCat.
2) The polymer produced has a high bulk density: BD≥0.31g/cm3
3) The polymer produced has a good particle shape, narrow particle size distribution, and contains lower fines..
4) The melt index of polymer produced is adjustable.

Applicable process
BCS02 catalyst is suitable to Unipol and BP gas-phase process.

Industrial applications
BCS02 catalyst is widely used in many gas-phase Unipol process.

Packaging. Storage and Transport
The catalyst is a slurry mixture of dry catalyst and mineral oil at a certain ratio. The mixture is under nitrogen blanket special drums containing 30% catalyst. In transportation, the catalyst should be handles carefully avoiding bumping, opening of cover or contacting with air. It should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated space out of direct sunlight.